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McKenzie Bait & Tackle, nestled in the heart of a Temple, Georgia, is your premier destination for freshwater fishing essentials. With a passion for angling, we offer a curated selection of top-quality bait and expert advice, ensuring every fishing expedition is met with success and joy.

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Mckenzie Bait and Tackle Co.  owners are avid fisherman with decades of experience on the water. Everything in our store has been battle tested and approved by our staff to ensure that you are getting quality products to give you the best chance at that catch of a lifetime on your next trip.


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Mckenzie Bait and Tackle Co. is committed to keeping a healthy inventory of your tried and true brands that catch fish as well as staying on the front line of innovative new products in the fishing industry to provide you the best opportunity to ace your next fishing trip.

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Fishing West Georgia

West Georgia offers diverse freshwater fishing opportunities, boasting picturesque lakes, rivers, and reservoirs teeming with bass, catfish, crappie, and more. With serene settings like West Point Lake and the Chattahoochee River, anglers can enjoy a mix of shoreline and boat fishing, providing ample chances for both novice and seasoned fishermen to reel in their prized catches while surrounded by the region’s natural beauty. The area’s rich fishing heritage and accessible locations make West Georgia a haven for those seeking tranquil and rewarding fishing experiences. We are in a centralized location just a short drive from fisheries such as the Coosa River lakes, Lake Eufaula, Lake Lanier, Lake Wedowee, and more.

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We carry a wide variety of brands that have been tested and proven for success among novice, seasoned, and pro fishermen. Here are just a few of those trusted brands we carry.